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FANLINE guarantees
one-on-one communication
with your favorite Entertainer.

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Guaranteed Response!

Interact & receive a guaranteed response
from your favorite Entertainer, as
if you’re chatting with your friend.

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Guaranteed Response

Ever dream about getting a personalized message from
your favorite Entertainer?

Now, you can.

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FANLINE allows fans to send
pictures and messages to their
favorite Entertainers,
with a guaranteed response in ONLY 48 hours.

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types you’d like to receive from
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Text Response

Get a personal text message as if you were chatting with a friend.

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Video Response

A special video from your favorite Entertainer will be recorded for ONLY you!

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Birthday Response

Request a birthday message for you or a friend and share it on social media!

Hear what people are really saying about FANLINE!


“When I received my
first reply on FANLINE,
I was so overwhelmed
that I had to show
all of my friends.”

Tyson Richmond

Loyal Fan


“When I sent my boyfriend
a surprise birthday video
from his favorite band, he
couldn’t believe it. Best
birthday gift ever.”

- Michelle Thompson

Loving Girlfriend


“I was able to receive
feedback and advice
on my photos from a
well-known artist, which
I never would have
expected in a million years.”

- Jenny Louis


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Follow & Easily Navigate!

Easily follow and simply navigate through various Entertainer pages.

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Follow Your Favorite Entertainers


FANLINE allows Entertainers to customize
their own app with a unique page.
Fans can follow their favorite Entertainers,
easily access current information,
and communicate with them
one-on-one all within ONE single app.

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Listen to your Music Player!

Built-in music player can ALSO display
lyrics of your favorite songs.

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Music Player

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Music lyrics

FANLINE allows artists to upload their lyrics to the app's music player.


For the first time ever, FANLINE features the additional option of translated music lyrics, allowing fans to see lyrics to their favorite Entertainer's music in their native language.

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music logo

FANLINE allows ANY artist to upload music to their app for fans to purchase. Find music that’s not available anywhere else! Listen to your favorite songs even when you're not in the app.

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Entertainer’s Media Collection

Stay updated & view your favorite
Entertainer's Event info, Photos,
Videos,Timelines and
much more!

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Access Entertainer’s Media

Your favorite Entertainer’s media is at
your fingertips when using FANLINE!
Swipe through the app & view the most
updated photos, videos, timelines, events,
social media updates & much more!

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Photo Gallery

All Access Pass to view photos in the photo gallery.

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TV Appearances

View the time, dates, and TV stations the Entertainer will be appearing in your area.

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Radio Appearances

View the time, dates, and Radio stations the Entertainer will be appearing in your area.

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Entertainer’s Video Collection

Watch videos of
your favorite
Entertainer, all
in ONE single app.

Entertainers can personalize their own timeline for current news updates for fans on the go!

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Upcoming Events:

Get notified and keep up-to-date with your Entertainer’s schedule. Easily find event locations with the built-in map.

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Entertainer's Timeline

Like, Comment & Share on the Entertainer’s personal
timeline. Engage with others
who share your passion for the Entertainer.

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the App

Follow and begin messaging your
favorite Entertainers NOW!

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